Simplicity makes our software powerful.

We build simple, powerful social software to help people connect. While our products are very good, we believe the killer feature of social software is people. That's why this page is more than a list of tools, it's a list of goals. Everything we do is aimed at making it easier for people to meet. Once they've done that, it's our job to get out of the way.

1. Powerful Profiles

Put names to faces

Our least complicated and most important feature, profile photos, help lead to real world meetings.

Customized profile questions

Ask the questions that matter most for your crowd.

2. Easy to find people


Of course we have this! Find people by name or by profile details.

Profile answers

We convert the most common answers into tags. Clicking on a tag will show everyone who has given that answer.

In person

It's not enough to help you find virtual friends. We want to help you connect in person: by putting faces to names so that you recognize each other, by mapping people who live near you, and at conferences, letting you know who else is in a session with you.

3. Easy to contact people

Private messaging

Want to get in touch privately? Send a private message to another user, which sends a notification to their email with your messsage.

Add to contacts

Keep track of people you know and want to know.

Public comments

Leave a comment directly on someone's profile endorsing them or implicitly inviting others into the conversation.

4. Conference Specific


Our integrated calendar lets attendees create their own agendas, discuss sessions, and see who else is in the session with them.


After attending a session, conference goers can rate a session's content and speaker, which helps you track the success of your content.


Attending conferences isn't just about the content, it's about making new contacts. Our "want-to-meet" feature helps attendees set up one-on-one meetings and track who they're looking to meet as well as who wants to meet them.

5. Group Communication

Discussion threads

Any member can start a discussion thread.

Activity wall

The most recent network activity is summarized on the home page so that people can keep up with the entire community.

6. Customizable


Customize the design of your network with our simple WYSIWYG tools.

Design service

Want a completely customized experience? You can access our templates and use your own HTML and CSS to match your website.


Choose from an open network, moderated membership, or completely private.

7. Plays well with others

Contact export

Take your new contacts to your other online homes like Facebook, LinkedIn or your address book. You can export as a vCard or CSV.


Wondering if your Facebook friends are part of the CrowdVine network you just joined? We have a Facebook app just for that.

8. We'll hold your hand


Email us. We're here to give you as much support as you need to explain features, help manage your community, or talk strategy.